At Executive Search Associates we listen carefully to our clients’ individual situation.

We identify the best course of action and work with diligence to provide the solution. We are faithful to the process and make masterful matches.  We measure our success by solving client problems and putting the best person in the right position.

Phase One: Position Review and Search Assessment

We begin by reviewing the organizational needs related to the position, strategic objectives, immediate leadership needs, scope of the services delivered by the area served.  This information is collected by interviewing key stakeholders and conducting a position survey.  We will work one on one with the hiring executive to review the information and make recommendations that will help the organization find success in hiring.

Phase Two: Research and Strategy

Not all position marketing is the same; we customize a strategy that will be effective for each individual client and position. This can include advertising, direct mail, phone calls, electronic communication, social marketingand more.  This also includes using our vast referral network, online databases and extensive professional research. There is a high level of focus on the region where the position is based, however our accumulated experience in research allow us to identify people nation-wide who have lived in or have ties to the region where our client is located.

Phase Three: Recruiting and Development

Once the position profile is created and the strategy is defined, the real work begins.  Executive Search Associates will provide a broad reach to market the position to the right people.  During this process we also work with our clients’ internal candidates to help them do their best in the interview process.  Additionally, with internal candidates, we include professional coaching and career development feedback.  Should your internal candidate not be selected, they will have additional tools to help them succeed within your organization.

One important differentiating factor; at Executive Search Associates, we still make personal phone calls.  This is the best way to tell the story of the position and the client. We carefully vet each person who expresses interest in the position.  We use predictive testing to provide interviewing insight for our clients.

Phase Four: Candidate Profile Presentation and the Interview Process

Executive Search Associates will provide a short-list and profiles for the best and most qualified people interested in the position.  We will have conducted background review, research, reference checks and predictive indicator testing for each of these individuals to provide the client with enough information to conduct a well-informed interview.  In addition to the resume, profile and references, each profile will include a customized interview guide with key questions. Prior to interviewing, we will provide you coaching and evaluation tools to help assess the candidates evenly throughout the process. We will then assist the client in arranging interviews and prepare the selected candidates regarding what they can expect throughout the process.

Phase Five: Candidate Selection

After the interviews have been completed we will assist the client in collecting and sorting feedback into a feedback report.  We host a conference call to review the information collected throughout the process, so you can make the most informed decision.

Phase Six: Negotiating the Offer and On-Boarding

Once you have made the final selection, we will work with you to put your best foot forward crafting an offer.  We serve as your liaison during the offer and acceptance process to ensure a smooth transition.  Once the offer has been accepted we will advise you regarding follow up to ensure a smooth start date and transition into the organization.