Executive Search Associates can help you in the changing landscape of Medical Practice Management.

What organizations need from leadership and providers in a Medical Practice has fundamentally changed.

Choice. When Executive Search Associates works on a position they present, on average, four highly qualified and vetted people for the position.

Quality. The people we place are retained by our clients an average of four and a half years and 26% are promoted within the client company in the first 24 months.

Partnership.  85% of our business is repeat business with happy clients who come back to Executive Search Associates over and over.

Our capability spans from providing leaders, such as, Practice Administrators and Practice Managers to Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistant roles.  We have successfully filled some of the most challenging permanent and interim roles in Medical Practices, including; Vice President of Outpatient Services, Urgent Care Manager, Director of Cardiology, Director of Heart and Vascular Services, Director of Orthopedics, Gastroenterology Practice Manager, Director of Multi-Specialty Services, Director of Cancer Care Service, Oncology Manager, Hematology Manager.