Is This The Job For Me?

The war for talent rages. If you are active on the job market you will be presented with multiple opportunities. Deciding which job is the right one is tricky. Without a good handle and keeping your original goals in mind, it is easy to jump at the highest monetary offer or the easiest/closest relocation.

If either of those are the goal, then great. But if not, then you might find yourself regretting the decision down the road.

Start with the end in mind. Before going on an interview review your major personal and professional goals in a new position and craft “discovery style” questions surrounding those major goals.

Ask yourself “money aside” which job is my favorite and why? If you can’t clearly articulate that to yourself, then seek more information. Never be afraid to seek more information, if a hospital is sincere about attracting you, they won’t be afraid to share. Lastly, before making a decision, call an “un-invested mentor”. Somebody who is familiar with your personal and professional objectives that will be honest with you, challenge you and partner with you to make the right decision.

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