To Our Clients, Colleagues and Industry Friends

To our Clients, Colleagues and Industry Friends,

We wanted to take just a moment to share what we are doing to ensure the continuity of our service, while also reacting appropriately to current events. Having spoken with several clients throughout the week and hearing a single message:  Everybody is busy and overwhelmed in preparation for the influx of patients that could soon occur and simultaneously hoping people stay healthy and limiting coming to the hospital unless there is a need to do so.  For brevity, I would like to lead with our close. Our thoughts are with you, as you prepare, and effectively manage what is ahead for your hospital and community. Fortunately, there are not a lot of times like this in the ordinary course of business in healthcare. We pray that in the coming weeks, we can look back at the many positive outcomes and that the preparation and diligence, led to fewer sick people.

1) Effective Monday March 9th, we had all our staff commence 100% work from home, to keep them safe and healthy, and to care for their families. We can do our job effectively working remotely while ensuring you continue to receive great service from Executive Search Associates.

2) We will reach out to our clients with whom we have active searches via e-mail, phone and text, however, please do not feel burdened to call us back unless you have the time and ability to do so. Your preparations for patient care and the care of your staff is the #1 priority.

3) Video interviews:  If our clients are in hiring 911 mode, and simply must make moving interviews forward a priority, we are recommending you use our virtual interview room, instead of in person interviews. We can host up to six panelists per interview and the service works flawlessly. If there is a need to see somebody in person, we can schedule that down the road, when hopefully much of the risk has passed, and clients have time to appropriately host in-person interviews.

4) We are limiting our outbound recruiting calls to hospitals. There are many ways we can conduct business effectively and one of our methods is good old-fashioned phone calls. Right now, healthcare executives have too much on their plate, and we feel it is inappropriate to disrupt your workday with casual conversation. Please know that we are here and will answer the phone when you call.

5) Those of us who remain healthy are committed to helping those around us who need an extra hand. We will continue with our witty social media posts in hopes of bringing a bit of levity to your day.

We will also share our toilet paper with you if you need it, just ask! We didn’t stock-pile, but we do have some extra.


Eric Falt, Maria Quintero, Heather Looney, Coreena Munsinger

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