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The fill rate of our retained searches.  We have never failed to complete a search. *

The average number of qualified candidates we present to our clients for a position.

The average length of time for us to complete a search. **

The average time the candidates we place stay with our clients.

The average number of people that we place who are promoted within the first 24 months.

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Focused Executive Search

“Executive Search Associates is a provider of full-service recruitment and retention solutions.”

Our clients enjoy a full array of solutions customized to meet their unique and individual needs. This includes: Executive Search, Interim Staffing, Out sourced Recruiting Services, Human Resource Consulting, and Succession Planning.

At Executive Search Associates we listen carefully to our clients’ individual situation. We identify the best course of action and work with diligence to provide the solution. We are faithful to the process and make masterful matches. We measure our success by solving client problems and putting the best person in the right position.

We get to know our clients well and because of this personal relationship they LOVE working with us. More than doing business together; we go through life together.

Our company is successful because we go abundantly beyond our clients’ expectations. We do things intentionally to astonish them with our service and the heart we have to solve their problems.

We hire hardworking, service-oriented people, train them to excel in the recruiting business and empower them to create uniquely special client experiences. We are passionately dedicated to providing our team the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others while being invested in their own personal success in a 21st-century work environment.

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