Keep The Heat On: Helping those in need

Help & Hope For Our Neighbors In Need
Campaign Update – Keep The Heat On!Wow! We’ve had such a generous
response to our Keep The Heat On campaign. As of this writing, over
$17,700 has been donated towards our goal of $26,250! Thank you! 

That funding has provided critical financial resources to our neighbors
who are struggling with utility shut-off notices. So far in 2019, we have
helped 41 households with over $10,600 in utility assistance! We
simply could not have helped those families without the generosity of somany!
Will you be a part of this important effort and help us reach our
goal? Your generosity will make a real difference in our Douglas and
Elbert county neighbors’ lives!

Click hereto donate to Keep The Heat On

Thank you for helping them Keep The Heat On!In 2019 so far, Help &Hope Center provided over $10,600 in utility assistanceto Douglas
and Elbert county residents.DonateDid you know…In 2018, Help &
Hope Center provided over $80,000 in utility assistance to Douglas and
Elbert County residents.The average assistance amount per individual or family is about $350.We make payments directly with the utility
company to ensure the heat and/or electricity will stay on.Most clients
also receive over a week’s worth of groceries.Please help us reach our
goal of $26,250 by April 30, 2019!
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