Staying healthy when you travel

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that Americans make more than 405 million business trips per year. While travel can be stressful, there are strategies for staying healthy in times of transit.

Mode of transportation

• Most U.S. business travel happens by car. Before you hit the road, pack healthy snacks such as fruit, cheese sticks or nuts to limit your temptation to grab that gas station candy bar.

• Air travel is convenient, but make sure to pack essentials for avoiding catching a cold. Some essentials include Airborne, Emergen-C, hand wipes/sanitizer and a reusable water bottle for airport hydration stations. Always avoid eating directly off of those germy tray tables.

• If possible, book your accommodations close to your meetings to give you more flexibility to walk, an even better idea if your trip takes you to sunny Florida or Arizona during the winter. Not only will you get in some steps, but you also will likely save money on ground transportation.

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