Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

The motto at Executive Search Associates is bringing talented people together and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate our friends in the workplace. Here are a few ways that we can bring a little extra kindness into the workplace.

1) Express charity in the workplace. Many people think of charity as giving to a non-profit or donating food at a local food bank. In a broader sense, charity can also be expressing a greater sense of generosity or goodwill toward one anotherAn expression of generosity can be a small gesture, such as, letting a co-worker have the last donut or getting a glass or water for a co-worker on a prolonged call and you hear their voice is dry. It can also be as grand as bringing in special treat on a random afternoon, just to be a blessing.  

2) Be a good listener, without waiting for your turn to talkFor many people, work is a place to connect socially while doing their work. Taking the time to listen and appreciate the stories and experience of others will build meaningful relationships that make the workplace a satisfying environment to spend our days while doing meaningful and important work. Be still and just listen. You just never know when you will learn something interesting and special about somebody, and you had no idea…. 

3) Empty the dishwasher. What is the version of “emptying the dishwasher” in your workplace? You know, the task that must be done that nobody really wants to do? I worked at a firm, once upon a time, that everybody would leave their dirty coffee cups filled with stinky water in the sink and nobody wanted to empty the break-room dishwasher. I never used the office dishes/cups, why should I have to clean them? I would do it once a week or so because I cared about my co-workers and wanted to do something to help them out. Try to take a break from your hustle and bustle and do something that you don’t have to in favor of helping somebody with that task to make their work life a little easier.  

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with charity, interesting conversations and goodwill in the workplace 



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