The Thank You Note

Following an interview, even for a telephone interview it is crucial to write the interviewer a note or letter expressing appreciation for the interview. The purpose of this note is to:

  • Thank them for their time investment and interest in you
  • Reiterate your interest in the position and/or organization
  • Remind them of your qualifications and stay fresh in their mind
  • Demonstrate your professionalism and follow-through
  • Pay a sincere compliment on those things that impressed you about the organization or the people you met with.

Hard copy, handwritten or e-mail?

Thank-you letters can be in any of the formats, and it is best to decide based on the situation – so think it through or ask your recruiter for advice.  Here are some guidelines:

  • If you know the interviewer is traveling or not able to access traditional mail,
    send an e-mail.
  • If you were requested to provide additional follow up information electronically, send via email. Consider following up with a note card.
  • Handwritten notes are more personal and make a great impression. Heck, everybody likes to get something in the mail that Is not “junk mail” or a bill.
  • A formal, typed thank you letter is nice when you know you have a lot of competition for a position. It allows you more space for you to be specific articulating your qualifications and why you are a fit for the position. You can also include pertinent information attached to this letter and mail to the interviewer.

Whether or not you want the job, get the job, or take the job the way you communicate after the interview has occurred shows your professionalism. It is a small world and being remembered for being a “class act” with everybody you interview with will have a positive impact on your career long after the interview has occurred. In our firm we follow the Andrew Carnegie quote, “fill the other guy’s basket to the brim. Then making money is an easy proposition”. By sending a thank you note paying a sincere compliment to those who help you, you will make their day and make a positive impression, and you just never know where that can lead.

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